[AUDIO/MP3] Onew – One Year Later vocal Only

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[DOWNLOAD] Onew feat Jessica’s Girl Generation – One Year Later


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Onew feat Jessica – One Year Later

The song is very beautiful. It’s very suit with Onew’s voice so much. In my opinion, when i listen to this song.. it’s like i’m watching a korean drama, which help me to get more addicted with this song. It’s so fluff, and sweet… Onew’s voice is just tooo good… OMG.. DIES!!!

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Onew Solo – Fool

Omg, please someone wake me up. I feel like i’m in heaven. I have no words to say. I’m just speechless. Yes, I don’t know what to say. His voice is killing me. When the piano he plays started, I feel like…Oohh… He made a mistake in one second during the song but who cares ? His voice still great and he play the piano so beautiful…Jinki-ya,, Marry me..please…

Title : 바보 [Babo] – Fool
Singer : Onew (Originally sang by 박효신 ParkHyoShin)
Perf : Chin Chin Radio

credit : YoDubu1/youtube

Download the MP3 file Here : Onew – Fool

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Onew feat. Jonghyun Singing Tragedy

Title : Tragedy [비극]
Singer : Onew feat Jonghyun (Original song by Soulstar 소울스타)
Perf : Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

credit youtube/randy19973

Gosh!! Their voice…Onew’s one is so angel.. Oh, this called bombastis, phenomenal, fantastis, and spectaculer!! Hahaha… It’s so hell damn great voice!! They sang with soul and passionate. Onhyun FTW!!!

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Here : Tragedy – Onew feat. Jonghyun

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Onew fancam

credit : youtube/randy19973

Onew pics @ Sukira…


Onew Solo – Hope

Another solo. I hope he will appears in Radio again and sing a song. whatever it is, just love listen him singing… ^^

Title : Hope [ 기대]
Singer : Onew (Original song by NaYoonKwon OST Goong)
Perf : ByulBam Radio 090224

credit : randy19972/youtube

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Here : Onew – Hope

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Onew Solo – We Suit Well Each Other

Onew solo @ ByulBam Radio. He and Key were DJ permanent at Byulbam Radio at the moment. And Onew sang that song.. The song is so cheerful ^^

Title : We Suit Well Each Other [우린 제법 잘 어울려요]
Singer : Onew (Original Song by SungSiKyung)
Perf : ByulBam Radio 090219

credit : randy19972/youtube

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Here : Onew – We Suit Well Each Other

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Onew Sings I Believe

It was when He and other members in Taiwan. He sang it on TV program. This type of  song match for him and I hope next time He will sing it full. Hehe… I actually have already love the song itself and I even thought it will be good if Onew someday will sing this song and guess what ?! it came true!! Finally Onew sings this song, even not complete but still..happy Onew sings this song. And since Onew sang it, I love this song even more. So Here we go…

Title : I Believe
Singer : Onew (original song by Shin Seung Hoon OST my Sassy Girl)
Perf : Taiwan Azio Entertainment Biz 090105

credit : yatsuhashi91/youtube

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Download : Shin Seung Hoon – I Believe

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Onew Solo – Even Without You

Again, it’s a sad song i guess. Maybe about the man who tried to live without his lover, even it’s hard, but the boy doesn’t want to give up his life. Like, “even without you, I can live” Haha.. what a fail. Sorry if it’s wrong. But anyway, love dubu’s voice as always. His voice brings us to heaven..swoon ^^

Title : Even Without You [네가 없어도]
Singer : Onew (Original song by KimYeonWoo)
Perf : Shim Shim Tapa Radio 081128

credit : randy1997/youtube

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Here : Onew – Even Without you

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