The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.6] ; Jungah – After School

It shouldn’t be the girl but woman. Onew and Jungah, well… i might say almost all MVP wouldn’t agree or approve this pairing. except if the fans like SHINee just as much they as like After School. So why would i post this? many MVP don’t want to talk about this as a form of denial. But I encourage myself to make a post about them because i have my own (bias) reason.

So, where do i have to start? hmm… (suddenly being serious) okay, i’d like to write with my own POV then. to get this writing easier for me haha.

At first i would never think that i could ship Jungah with Onew. I’ve known After School since debut, and Jungah in my opinion is very pretty. whether people said she’s got plastic surgery for her pretty face. I see her as a good woman and i think her personality is attractive. she’s not easy woman yet not arrogant person. She loves her dongsaengs and she has this kind of motherly personality on her. And she smiles a lot and it’s just pretty. she has good body and has a good voice. And i like her a lot personally.

So, when Onew said that Jungah is his ideal woman. I didn’t freak out and went crazy cause I know Jungah is hot and good woman. in fact i’m quite proud of Onew when he chose Jungah as his ideal type. Even though Jungah was 6 years older than Onew.

As i remembered, Onew said Jungah is his ideal type in radio on august 21st’s Broadcast of KBS Lee Soo Young’s Music Show. onew said at that time,

“I don’t know her age but i do know that she’s noona (older woman)”

as his fan, when Onew had twitter back in 2012. I remembered he followed Jungah first and said something like “yay i’m a friend of noona now” and since then he always almost responded to whatever Jungah has tweeted. Onew’s friends in twitter (like dancers or composers) also followed Jungah. It turned out that they all are friends. So sometimes they keep mentioning to each other along with their other friend. Onew and Jungah still tweeted to each other, like Onew asked Jungah to buy him food, Onew asked who is the bear/pig in one of Jungah’s tweets. Onew also tweeted a ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jungah. and Jungah mention Onew at 00.00 am right on 14th December 2012 to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Onew. Unfortunately Onew erased all his tweets recently so the tweets he sent to Jungah are also deleted.

on june 2012, Jungah came to SHINee World Concert 2 in Seoul along with 3 members of after school. It was rumored that after the concert Jungah came backstage to visit Onew in the dressing room.

Before even Onew deleted all his twitters, it was on march of 25th in 2013, media caught them going out together after having dinner in restaurant in Apgujong. They were there for about hours and went out driving Jungah’s car. it was crazy. haha.. fans were denying, broken heart, and some went “oh, good for both of you” lol

then the rumor said from ‘they have been dating for a year already’ to ‘it’s made by both agency just to cover up politic scandal’

here are the pictures

but both agencies from SM and Pledis denied the dating rumor. They said Onew and Jungah are just close friend, and on July 2013 during After School Comeback press conference, Jungah said that his relationship is just like a dongsaeng-noona with Onew.

Onew and Jungah are rarely doing broadcast together in variety TV show. I only remember they were in same Star Golden Bell twice and After School once did come as the guest in KBS Night Star, the variety show where Onew was one of the MCs. They didn’t interact much during the shows. That is why it’s hard to ship them before the twitter things and news about the rumor came.

Whether they are or were dating or not, I think Onew liked her a lot. and whatever makes Onew happy, it makes me happy too. ^^ (and oh, i ship them hard)

credit : jpopasia, seoulbeat, googling XD

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  1. kirayamato9018

     /  July 4, 2014

    Looking back at those photos now, I’d do think maybe, and just maybe Onew likes her. The picture above showed how happy he was, and he was carefree about it.
    And yeah, I’m going to be happy for him if that would make him happy. 🙂

  2. Herotic

     /  July 12, 2014

    Thank u for wrote this. I ship them too.. 😀


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