The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.5] ; Seungyeon – KARA

Hahaha… you might think i want to be killed by fangirls by puting this girl into the list. for most MVP this probably the not so shipped pairing because I myself not really fond with this, say that i actually don’t really like her to be paired with Onew. ( I don’t hate her tho, i think she’s cute and clumsy just like onew) but why i have to make this post about these two? let’s check what we’ve got here..

I remember the first time MVP freaked out with this pairing was started when SHINee and Kara have this stage Colaboration for MBC Gayo Daejun 2009. It was performance where SHINee performed Juliette and KARA happened to be their Juliette and they danced together. Jonghyun was paired with Kara’s leader Gyuri, Taemin with Hara, Kibum with his 91 line friend, Nicole. Minho with kara’s magnae Jiyeon and it left Onew paired with Seungyeon.  Actually if MVP set the time machine backward, it wasn’t SHINee-Kara stage colaboration. their first was in 2008 when they sang Christmas  carol together in KBS Mubank Year End Special. At that time Onew also paired up singing with Seungyeon.

Onew and Seungyeon sang Jingle Bell rocks together

then a year later the Juliette Kara gets fangirl came with jealousy. The performance itself was good. only until Kara came up to the stage and they dance with SHINee. There were Onew and Seungyeon danced and the way Seungyeon dance with him was like… seducing him haha. Onew was also not so innocent either if i may say, he was kind of groping Seungyeon upper chest even tho his face looks awakward mwuahahaha…

well, at least seungyeon tried to get onew’s hand off her chest XD

and then she turned around, caressing jinki’s face and then did this body wave in front of onew /trying so hard not to curse lol

another moment happened in Dream Team back then in the beginning of 2010, there was episode where the quests are female idols, seungyeon is part of them alongside with nicole KARA. SHINee (minus Key) happened to the quest MC. at that time, SHINee were about demonstrating the game to the female idols and the female idols were asked who is going to get the flag (win the game) where most of the female idols were rooting for Jonghyun or Taemin, Seungyeon was the only one who think that Onew would win. Onew looked happy and became motivated and in the end it was Onew who got the flag. Maybe it was Onew’s way to say thanks to Seungyeon cause after he got the flag, Onew ran to Seungyeon and present the flag to her politely. and seungyeon looked extremely happy lol

watch the video here start at the end of the video and continued in the next video under

There also a time when Seungyeon’s father spoke up in a reality show that he wants Onew to become his son in law and marry Seungyeon. and his daughter who was sitting next to her could only giggle and blushing hard.

where everyone thinks Seungyeon-Onew ship stop sailing, they made appearance with another idols in a SBS special lunar variety show in 2011 in pattaya, Thailand. Onew was sitting next to Seungyeon during their flight to Pattaya. how many hour was that Onew sitting with her? OTL  In Pataya, Onew did the game paired with seungyeon in swimming pool. Even tho in the end of the show Onew didn’t choose seungyeon to be his date (he picked Lizzy from after School). MVP were still furious of why Onew had to do the game with her.

I personally think Onew and Seungyeon are quite a close friend. SHINee and kara did promotion together back then so it’s impossible for the members not to acknowledge each other. and since Onew did the work as a pair mostly with seungyeon, I think it’s becoming less-awkward for him to play around with her. So that’s why he chose to sit with her in the plane (and because he was dumped by Uee lol), and play the swimming pool game with her.

There is also a confession in Radio said by Seungyeon herself that Onew has caught her attention. She also said the reason was because she and Onew got paired alot, they became closer and she liked a guy like Onew. You can watch the video here

i’m not really shipping this pairing but i gotta admit some shipper quite have interesting opinion based on the gif they had captured.

yeah, onew took her hand to help her. nice and gentle guy out there ^^

everyone else was passing through to get on stage, but onew looked at seungyeon and stopped… – flawless perfection

and seungyeon glanced at him, lol

Here are the pictures of them in Pattaya

onew and seungyeon were on the right

anyway,,, shipping her with onew depend on the fans itself. not going to provoke or anything. I think seungyeon is cute. but i do think it’s kind of one-sided. Because Onew doesn’t seem like having interest towards her a lot, just happened to be her partner in performance and TV show. keke… ^^

credit : fuck yeah onyeon tumblr, naver, youtube, as tagged, many source (pardon for not give the credit very detail)

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