The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.4] ; Jessica SNSD

Here it is, the next girl you consider to be paired with Onew. If it’s not because they had official duet ‘One Year Later’ I wouldn’t even think Jessica could be paired with Onew. Yup, It’s Onew and Jessica ^^

This couple become popular after they did duet in music shows. Not only that actually, Onew and Jessica are considered cute together when they appeared together in variety show called ‘Flower boy generation’ in summer 2009. Onew and Key were the MC and SNSD Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny were the guest. In that show, Jessica showed her interest towards Onew when she expressed her jealousy over Hyoyeon’s story about how close Hyoyeon and Onew when they were trainee. She also blurted out she wanted Onew to stay close to her after the other MC ended up his investigation about Jessica’s impression towards Onew. It was actually fun to watch cause it feels like watching someone match-making Onew and Jessica. And Onew kept blushing and all because Jessica kept praising him for being handsome and having really good voice.

you can watch the show here, please take a look start at 05:38

it really makes me giggling whenever i watch it because it’s just too cute keke~

In 2010 during KBS Star night, where Onew were also the MC and SNSD came as the guest. Jessica confessed that she likes the guy like Onew. She said everything good about Onew and it’s really nice actually to know that Jessica likes him despite of how other MCs jokingly said Onew is boring and his joke is even lame and not funny. But Jessica’s confession somehow saved Onew there. You can watch it here start at 08:34

Even then, I see Onew treats Jessica gently. He put his respect towards her and doesn’t want to get her trouble. I almost think Onew treats Jessica like a princess. at the same show, there’s a segment where SNSD members should confess their good deed/positive things they had done and let the food they would eat after confession, decided if it’s really good or bad deed. There however, one of the food was cucumber, and Jessica couldn’t eat cucumber because..well, she just couldn’t eat it. Then she asked Onew to replace her for eating it. Tho, Onew looked uneasy to eat the cucumber. Jessica probably didn’t know but Onew has reported to have this kind alergic towards cucumber* but he mentioned that he actually just don’t like it* . haha Onew couldn’t say no to Jessica. Whether he’s just trying to be gentle to her or he had this kind of feeling to her that got him couldn’t deny her request. keke. See the video here start from 06:34


Onew is allergic to cucumbers, melons, watermelons, and anything similiar to them. source

A fan asked jinki if he’s allergic to cucumbers…. then he answered.. not allergy but just don’t like it… source

beside the confession and praising onew, one thing that makes people ship this couple is also their duet performances. They did One Year Later duet performance 4 times. 3 of them are in music show while the best one (in my opinion) was in SNSD 1st Concert ; Into The New World in 2009.

Here are the duet performances. I think they sang the song well in perfect harmony 🙂

and some acapella short performance in TV show

Jessica also recommended Onew to get casted for Musical ‘Hey!Bro’ (2010). Onew confessed, “Because of my senior Jessica’s recommendation, I got cast for this musical” source

More pics and gif

aww awkward hug but still adorable ^^

cr.ktychina, fuckyeahonsica @ tumblr

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