The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.3] ; Luna F(x)

the blog series about the discussion of the girls you would ship Onew with is eventually continued, eh? hehe~ it passed a year already and i feel like haven’t done a good job by just abandon this talk. Anyway… here’s the 3rd girl we would ship with Onew.

yup, it’s onew and luna!

Both Onew and Luna are from SM. ent. and Luna is member of girl group F(x) who’s known with her pretty, friendly and bright smile. She’s cheerful, energic, attractive and main vocal in her group. Because both have beautiful voice, they did duet together for multiple times.

Their first duet was in january 2010 in KBS program called SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. They sang Beauty and The Beast, one of Disney song which captivated alot of audience who watched them and of course their fans. I personally think at that time, Luna is the best female duet partner for Onew cause Luna’s voice is really strong, matched with Onew’s soft one but without making their voice over shadowed by each other. And also, Luna’s english accent is actually good. It’s just perfect with Onew. If you haven’t watched the performance, please take a look

personally since that duet, i ship Onew with Luna. Cause i feel like Luna is the only girl Onew doesn’t feel awkward with while singing with her. It’s just more beautiful with her voice. Since then, I remember i keep wishing them to have more duet in the future (which is really happened)

Their next duet was during lunar show, also in september 2010. They both singing korean cheesy old song called ‘Because I’m Woman’ Where Onew wore white prince suit and Luna wore this kind of angel chick which make her look pretty cute. The most cheesy thing watching the performance is not only the lyrics but also how they both flirted each other. it was so adorable yet dumb that caused many fans in the audience and other artist who wached them giggled. Here’s the cute performance

I love how Onew said, “Luna..don’t worry i’ll be by your side” or “Luna, see there’s a beautiful moon” and luna went “where? where?” then onew did one bended knee and said “it’s in front of me”, telling that the moon is luna cause luna in spanish means the moon, and of course it made Luna went all blushing and other female artist there have this expression of wanting to go puke but also can’t help but giggled. Onew is such a flirting namja XD

That was the cutest onew and luna duet i’ve ever seen. keke~

It didn’t stop there. during 2010-2011 i think there’s a lot of variety show which gets them together. They both were together in StarKing, Strong Heart and in Idol Star Championship. Luna also said he likes Onew’s voice and wanted to have duet with Onew in PKL Stary night in 2011.  Here’s the statement

At first she said whe wanted to have duet with yesung.. but when the DJ asked victoria who’s singer she wanted to have duet with (which she answered Kyuhyun btw) Luna suddenly shouted and ‘AAhh, for me Onew Oppa!!” and got Krystal laughed suddenly. It was so cute.  the 2nd time Luna said she wanted to have duet with Onew was in Younha ‘s MBC radio Show in june 2012, she revealed again that she wants to have duet with SHINee’s Onew. she said “Onew and I work in harmony. I want to officially duet with him”

another confession she made was in the Weekly Idol

for Onew, he also wanted to have duet with Luna.  In KOOL magazine Vol. 1 released in 2012 when he was asked about domestic artist he wants to collaborate with, he said “Which person should i choose…Ah, we talked about this day before. I promised to have a duet with f(x)’s Luna”

During Idol Sport Championship in 2011. Onew and Luna seemed close. They played together and sometimes, Onew came to Luna just to ask for game. He would blow the trumpet on Luna’s ear, caused Luna to smack his arm for playing with her, or he would show her his ttakbam, or hide the snack under his jacket and made Luna searched for it. The final moment was, when Luna successfully did high jump, Onew ran to hug her but stumbled and ended up them two laying on the mattress. Onew’s silly attack of course once again got Luna smacked his belly cause it was dumb.

Here are the fancams

Onew hide the snack and Luna wants some, start from 2.38

Onew showing off his ttakbam

Onew crashed down Luna on the mattress

oh well, actually you can catch all onew-luna moments in this fanvideo. It was so cute how Luna liked to play  rock-paper-scissor with Onew, whispering on Onew’s ear, laughing with him, and how Onew kept shouting ‘luna luna luna’ to support her high jump.

During SMtown 2010 it was captured by the fancam how Onew and Luna teased each other. during encore, all SM artists were having massive bubble war and sprayed water on each other, and So did Onew and Luna. In the fancam tho, Onew seemed looking for Luna’s attention and Luna seemed to happy to give him one. haha.. Luna shoot a bubble to Onew, caused Onew to grab the back of her hair and took his revenge. And somehow Luna was too happy with it. She actually liked it when Onew ran after her so Luna kept starting the bubble war with him. and Onew kept looking back, looking for the sight of Luna when Taemin grab Onew to play with the fans in the front stage haha. It’s obvious where’s Onew’s focus that night. Here are the compilation fancam of that Smtown concert

Luna said that Onew has all husband material in KBS Happy Together. and what kind of man who wouldn’t blush hearing this from a girl like Luna?

see it here, start from 4:50

Onew in the other side, is really supporting Oppa for Luna. When Luna had musical ‘legally blonde’, Onew in his busy schedule, give his limited hours to visit and watch Luna musical on february 2011

anyway, there are also alot of Luna and Onew interraction in Gayo Music Year End Festival in 2010. They also singing together with CNBlue in SBS Gayo daejun.

Their next duet was in 2012 in SMtown Concert in LA, singing another disney song from OST High School Musical ‘ Can I Have This Dance’. This time, it’s more romantic cause Onew, being comfortable duet with Luna, didn’t bother to hold her hand and somehow it was just really good. They both has chemistry. and that’s why from all female artist, only Luna can make Onew comfortable singing with.

Here are all my favorite Onew and Luna Picture ^^

shortly, Luna is one of those girls you would want to ship Onew with. Because the girl is pretty, friendly, cheerful and has beautiful voice just like Onew. Onew and Luna would be a cute and adorable couple, don’t you think? also, Onew and Luna as couple is quite famous for Onew and Luna’s fans.  Just google their name together then bam! there will be alot of pictures and gifs and discussion about them. I bet the fans is already familiar with them to be paired up. Some fans ship this couple, some don’t really like (mostly from Onew’s fans tho) but the most important thing i note whenever i see them together is that.. as Onew’s fan.. i feel Onew is comfortable with her, which is good cause i don’t want Onew to look awkward and uneasy around girls. Only with Luna, the first girl i see Onew could be just like himself when he’s with her. Because usually Onew looks awkward and distance when he’s with girls lmao. As for Luna, i see Onew makes Luna happy. She smiles alot with Onew, she treats Onew respectfully good. I just love how Onew’s mischievous behavior seems appealing more when there’s Luna XD

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  1. kirayamato9018

     /  July 4, 2014

    Though sometimes I would think Onew probably feel comfortable around Luna because she’s his dongsaeng. Nevertheless, that is the best part about Onew. The way he feels comfortable to do the lovey-dovey moment with Luna that you think you would actually want to vomit, the actions surprisingly bring out charming side of him. I had to agree on that part though.
    And because Luna seems as enthusiastic as him, it doesn’t feel like it is one-sided. Thanks for the series. Love it. 🙂


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