IT’S SO YELLOW… Look how confidence he is showing off his blonde hair 😀

Onew Japan Mobile Update 130913

I, have nothing change in me?
That’s right! I have changed my hair colour!
The day before yesterday, on the stage at Hiroshima, Key has also asked ‘Why did I change?’
That is (because)…for a change in mood!? (laugh)
It would be nice if everyone likes it as well^^
From now onwards, we will rapidly show everyone new appearances of SHINee, please give us your support.

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: minoutshine
English Translations: Forever_SHINee

Now, let’s check his airport style with Blonde hair

So Jinki turns into blonde! I mean his hair yeah lol
I’ve seen different reactions coming from shawol, and mvps. There are fans who dislike his blonde hair, while some of them think it makes him look baddass and hot. My opinion, I like his blonde hair. It’s not my best favorite but still I like it. In fact Jinki looks good and handsome even though he’s blonde. Somehow with his current hair, he looks hot and uhm, cool at the same time. He apparently looks confidence and comfortable with his blonde hair. He’s still charming even tho he’s blonde, isn’t he?

I hope fellow mvps like his blonde hair too. i mean, well Jinki wants us to like it, right? he doesn’t want people to be upset with his ‘blonde hair’ decision. Please believe that it’s he himself who wants to make his hair blonde. Not thinking that he had been forced or even blaming the hairstylist, that’s so immature in my opinion. It’s just about time for us to see different Onew.  If we cannot accept this one small thing about him, how can we accept the other things? It’s not like he commits an awful thing that got us upset to no end, right? it’s just his hair.  Onew has said in one interview that he starts to learn to accept things and be thankful for everything he’s received, that way he can be happier and relax with his life. And as for me, nothing can be happier than seeing him being happy like he is right now ^^

Anyway, just like my friend said, “Jinki looks mighty handsome!” we probably aren’t used to it since we always see him in dark/light brown hair but if you love Jinki more than his appearance (just like me), then this won’t be a big deal for you ^^


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healing space

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  1. azki

     /  November 21, 2013

    I really love his blonde hair,,, it looks so nice on him. even though my sister keep saying “he doesn’t suit that hair, really”…and my brothr said he looks pale. I still love it (yes they know my love for jinki ^^)

    so, next, waiting for minho’s blonde hair? no? Okay then….


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