[Photo] 130911 Onew mentioned and has selca with The lady Ghost Cho Hee in Royal Villa Filming

@choriya: 촬영장에서 내가 너를 보호한다고했는데 너때문에 내가 안다쳤네ㅋㅋ너 아니였으면 지금쯤 내 손가락 부러졌을꺼야
진기야 고마워~~~~
참 착한 온유

translation : At the filming site I said I would protect you but because of you I’m not injured keke If it wasn’t for you my finger would probably have broke by now. Thank you Jinki yah~~~~ kind Onew

credit trans by @missphotoslut Twitter

Aaaww I really like their noona dongsaeng relationship… >.<

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