[Caps/Video/Mp3 Download] Introduce : Onew Bread Song

Anyone of you must have watched the ‘SHINee Wonderful Day’ that MBC is airbroadcasting every tuesday, right? it’s a new SHINee variety Program…. for shinee it’s more like Variety Documentary of SHINee having vacation abroad. Onew chooses Krabi, Thailand as his vacation place. The program is so excited to watch because it feels like you are travelling by watching them and you’ll be able to see some nice places thru their experience.

In episode.3 Onew surprisingly introduce the song that he said he usually sang for his parents when he was a kid. it’s a song where he woke up in the morning and about to prepare toast for his parents. (nice kid, don’t you think?)

you can watch the cut here

The song was introduced thru the ‘personal broadcasting’ segment where the PD (woman) shows it for every episode to show fans the cute moments of SHINee. I randomly caps from it.

In Radio Sukira where Onew was a DJ with Dana on Thrusday 21th February Onew also sang the Bread song before the farewell. Here’s also the cut

Onew also sang the song in Mnet Yoon Do Hyun Must music program with acoustic guitar. here’s the cut

For you who’s falling in love with the song, I’ve ripped it into mp3 and you can download it, make it as your ringtone ^^

Bread Song – Onew SHINee Wonderful Day

Bread Song – Onew Sukira

Bread Song – Onew @ Yoon Do Hyun Must

here’s the lyrics

노릇노릇 식빵이구워젔어요 ~
내가내가 오늘우리가족요리사
노릇노릇 식빵이구워젔어요 ~
내가구운 식빵에다 JAM을 발라요~ 드세요~

noreun-noreut sikppangi guwojoseoyo ~
naega naega oneu ruri gajo gyorisa
noreun-noreut sikppangi guwojoseoyo~
naega-gu un sikppange-da JAMeul ppal-la-yo~

crispy and brown Toast is done
I am I am the Chef of the family today
crispy and brown Toast is done
don’t forget to spread jam on my toast


Happy Download and shall dying in cuteness overload of Onew voice ^^ keke

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  1. sonia

     /  March 1, 2013

    tooo.. cute.. >.< ❤

  2. ontofukpopshop

     /  March 17, 2013

    aaaahhh very cute dubuuuu >->O /ambulance plis/ LOL hahaha thank u 4 sharing this ^^

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