[Download/MP3] Onew feat Luna ‘Can I Have This dance’

I can’t help but spazz when this performance finally is broadcasted by SSTV (i don’t really know what station TV is that, lmao)

I’m not the fan of high school musical movie but as this song was performed by Onew and Luna doing duet together.. i squealed like madness. I’m a huge fan of Onew and Luna’s voice. knowing they sing together is like eargasm for me. The duet they did before (Beauty and the Beast) is also my favorite song.

This is like a romantic song, if you ship onluna.. this is totally like a gift, be happy with that people ^^

I’d ripped the song into mp3, editing here and there, making the sounds louder and with the fade in and out effect makes it sounds nicer to listen ^^

Download Here

Can I Have This Dance – Onew and Luna

and look at the caps i made

they look like as if they are falling in love indeed while singing this song.. so cute ^^

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  1. Oh My God, they was so sweet 🙂 i love LuNew couple so much..*hoping they’re real*


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