[Performance/Download/Twitter Update] Onew, Super Junior Ryeowook, Exo Baekhyun and Chen – ‘Open Arms’ for SMTown Concert in Singapore

One of the best SM ballad group has revealed for SM town. After success with the vocal group, Onew, Ryeowook, and Yesung singing Se No Kaze Ni Nate (A 1000 Winds) in SmTown Tokyo back in 2011, now SM has created special one vocal group to perform Ballad for SMTown Concert in Singapore. And Onew is the part of the group again!!

Onew, Ryeowook, Chen and Baekhyun were chosen to perform a ballad song. Open arms was picked as the song and it’s so beautiful performance. Everyone should just watch the cam and listen to the song because it’s a God gift. those voices blended so well as if complete heaven and i’m sure everyone who listen to it would just drown in tears lmao.

I always know that Onew would always be fit to any duet song. We all know he has really good voice. You put him in any vocal group, he would just fit it… him as a solo singer himself is also amazing. That’s what i call the real singer. not only can sing solo for himself but also blend his voice with another. No wonder that compared to his fellow members, Onew has duet projects the most. say it vanilla love, one year later, The name I love. Also those duet performances like he had with f(x) luna for many times, lena park, and famous ballad singers like sung sikyung and kim yeon woo and of course in SM Town itself. and the fact that Onew isn’t even main vocal of Shinee but he gets a lot of compliment for his voice than the main vocal itself is so interesting. isn’t Onew just awesome??

They sing ‘Open Arms’ which is an old song originally sung by Journey back in 80 era. this song had been covered by many famous singers before like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Boys II men. later i know that it was Onew who chose the Open arms to be performed in Sm Town. such a good song he had picked there.

Since Onew is the fan of Boys II men, I do believe Onew knew the song from Boys II men since the band did remake the song. and if you listen to boys II men version, the way Onew, Ryeowook, Chen and Baekhyun sing it was so Boys II men-is, so yeah… Onew and the rest of them probably learned it from Boys II men instead Journey who is the original singer.

Watch the Open Arms performance here

download the audio. it’s so clear ^^


Onew, Ryeowook, Baek and Chen are main/lead singer in their own group. I think with this formation, this is the best ballad group from SM so far. All of them have different but strong voice character that i think if they can sing together more often they can be as good as 4men or Brown Eyed Soul.

Twitter Update

Ryeowook recently updated his twitter with selca of this new SM ballad group ^^

내가 좋아하는 동생들..목소리 넘 좋은 온유 ^.~ Open arms 선곡자;; 형 같은 첸ㅋ 다 이쁜 백현이~ 내일 태국 SMTOWN 콘서트 잘하자잉~~♥

Trans : The dongsaengs that I love.. Onew who has a very nice voice ^.~ the one who chose the song Open Arms;; Chen who is like a hyung kkk Baekhyunie who is pretty in every way~ let’s do well for the SMTOWN Bangkok concert tomorrow~~ ♥

Aren’t they just cute? Boys with angel voices but baby face keke~
I hope in the future they will have more performance together like this.

*No, i won’t hope they can be another SM the Ballad because SM the Ballad is a huge fail. I’ve been wondering myself.. what is the purpose of making SM the Ballad if in the end they don’t even get a chance to perform at least in SM town lmao but instead using another singers to perform ballad song

credit lossental, ryeong9, yoonjihoo88

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  1. azki

     /  December 28, 2012

    I missed this blog and I decided to visit…and yes, I’m so happy when I found this….hehe thanks for sharing…
    I miss dubu ‘~’

  2. babibulma

     /  April 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on BABIBULMA and commented:
    I really love SMTown…
    Thank, Lee Soo Man, for this boys…
    ONEW, my sweet love forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S2


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