[Story] Onew and His Parents

In this post, i’m going to write more about Onew and his parents,, as an idol, Onew is considered as a good boy and a filial son. I’ve always wondered to see what do his parents look like.. i kinda creepy but i really wanted to know the faces of two people who has this child, the face of the mother who had gave a birth to this wonderful boy.

It was said that Onew’s mother is a butcher.. Onew had said himself in SHINee Hello Baby Variety Show. Onew parents own a meat shop. If there the person who encouraged Onew to be a singer, it was his mother. Onew had said that if he had to choose between his girlfriend or mother, he said he would choose his mother over his girlfriend. Onew seems to love his mother so much.

Onew’s mother once had sent foods for Hey Bro Musical artist and crew during practice. it was said the food was a lot of meats and for that, Onew fellow cast even said thank you to his mother.

Onew said that his favorite dish is chicken, but he also said he likes the dish that is cooked by his mother. He even said for his ideal type, it’s better if the girl can cook well just like his mother.

In radio, Onew even requested a song that is decicated for his mother. during his companion to Taeyon in ChinChin Radio in 2010, Onew requested a song by SNSD, “Mom”. He even had ever recommended R.aD’s song  “mom” and said everytime he’s missing his mother he will listen to this song.

Since Onew is a single child, I believe that his mother loves him so much. His mother had made 1500 origami cranes everyday for Onew. Onew said his mother made them in hope that Onew will grow as a better person everyday. People said that origami cranes is like a pray. So in korea Origami cranes are so special especially when it is sent as a gift. Can you imagine how Onew’s mom make 1500 origami cranes just for Onew? Onew definitely has his mother’s pray in his every step T.T

Onew had said that during elementary school, there was a time when Onew felt like not studying but his parents keep telling him to study hard. So when his mother came to his room and tell him to study, Onew said “please stop nagging me” but still with a polite voice. though Onew had considered it as a wrong doing he had ever shouted to his mother.

check on the video, it was started from 1.11

if Onew loves his mother, Onew seems to admire his father and said his father is his role model

Onew said in SBS JSH’s radio show that his father is a person who wakes up at 5AM in the morning to work. He truly respects his dad as he is an honest man. Onew is working hard to learn from his dad but he just couldn’t wake-up at 5AM in the morning daily.

I’ve been looking for the interview i’ve read, unfortunatelly i forget where did i read that but i remember i read that Onew wants to be like his father and think that his character is so much alike to his father. (it’s very frustrating that i’ve forgotten from where i did read this)

Onew’s father influenced Onew to sing. If it’s not because of his father didn’t play trot music loudly during trip in the car, Onew would’t want to sing. His father get him used to listen to music and maybe it’s also the reason why Onew loves music.

Onew has brought his dad a car he said it the first time in Ya Haeng Sung program in 2010 “I bought my father a car with the money I first made. My uncle called me and complimented me, saying that I’m a good son. It was a 2700cc midsize vehicle. My father hasn’t had a car in 10 years so I presented him with one.”

see the video here start from 19.50

the deed makes his father happy, then once without Onew even knew, his father came to SHINee performance with the car and waved to him from the audience seat.

Onew said all of the money he earn, he gives it to his parents. He let his parents handle it for him.

Onew parents must be happy to have Onew as his son and as for Onew he must be very happy that he’s being handled and raised and educated by his parents. Good son comes from a good parents. That’s is Onew and his parents ^^


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  1. woa onew ah ~ :O
    now i love you more after read about this..

    now i know why onew have chubby cheeks.. look at his mother kkkk

    onew’s Appa Umma.. I’ll be good daughter in low… please pray for our happiness hahahhahaha xD lol

    thanks for post this hhehehe

  2. azki

     /  November 7, 2012

    oh my god…why am I find this site just now?!!!!
    this is such an amazing site…
    thx for the article…so much love for you who write this… ^^

  3. noraonew

     /  November 16, 2012

    thanks for this beautiful article, emmm, could I ask one?? Emmm, the first pic in this article? when is that pict uploaded officially? How people claim that the woman in that pict is onew’s mom? There is some explanation??? I’m just curious so much since my first time found that photo, but I dont know much about it ;A;
    But when I AM movie released, I’m kinda believe that she is really onew oppa’s mom, yeah 😀
    But, still, would u answered my question, jusaeyoo? 😀
    Thank you 😀 😀

    • noraonew

       /  November 16, 2012

      I meant, ‘ask one question’ ;A;

      • chocolatheia

         /  November 16, 2012

        the pic isn’t uploaded officially. i remember it was uploaded in weareshining by my friend around early 2010 or the end of 2009 i don’t really remember. but she said she found it in korean blog (seems like from friends). it or she didn’t say or explain who is the woman beside onew. So i assume she was one of fans.. but then the I AM Movie reveals SHINee’s parents face for the first time. as i saw Onew’s mother i then compared her face with the woman’s face in that pic and i believe it was the same woman. they both look similar. i mean if you see the eyes line, the hair, the chubby cheeks. many blogs in korea also think they are same woman anyway. so i just put it on this article. ^^

  4. Orihimeindi

     /  December 3, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this info 🙂

  5. Arantxa

     /  December 28, 2012

    I didn’t know how I end here , but your post melted my heart TT.TT
    OMG I’ve never realized How much Onew and his parents love each other!
    The fact that His mother made 1500 origami cranes made me cry TT-TT She’s so cute!
    and his father TT-TT OMG!
    Thanks! 🙂

  6. BUTET

     /  December 29, 2012

    good boy… that’s why I like him so much…

  7. Melissa

     /  January 30, 2013

    He’s such an amazing person, thats why everyone likes him so much!!!

  8. Sonowal

     /  May 8, 2013

    He’s the best son that I have ever heard of.And will try to be just like him to my parents.

  9. he’s so cute!!!!!!!!

  10. Mushi

     /  February 23, 2015

    Hi! I read this article and I really loved it. It would be amazing if you update this post with Onew’s mom pic in his twitter. (Even if we know about that) It would be nice if you post here, but maybe you don’t have time to see this. (Maybe it’s because we’re now on 2015, but I read this article in the past too ^_^) Thank you!

  11. babibulma

     /  December 18, 2015

    Reblogged this on BABIBULMA.


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