[Download/Audio] Onew singing Noel’s Proposal in Radio Star 120926

Onew was given a chance to sing this song in Radio Star on 26th September 2012. in that program Onew was a guest along with fellow SHINee member, Taemin, actress who is also a fan of Onew, Kim Jungnan and CN Blue’s guitarist, Lee Jonghyun who is also a friend of Onew

Onew sang Noel’s song, Proposal. I think Onew had sung this song in radio before (cannot remember where) only just a few part though. All i can say seeing Onew singing this song is…. beautiful. Actually i watched the original live version in youtube. It’s a beautiful ballad song and Noel had sung it very beautifully. But as i then watched the Onew’s version, i really cannot compare. Onew sings it perfectly, his voice is like heaven, i still cannot describe how his voice actually giving me all the feels.

I’m actually happy Onew sings it, more Onew’s solo collection songs in my playlist. I just miss him singing ^^

Download the Mp3


The translation of the part Onew’s singing


I told you to wait but i ignore you long time
just wait little..the day will come someday…
i know what you want to say
i know how long you wait
but i tell you now
You don”t have to cry
dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..
i can make you smile
i will give you happiness on beside you forever
dont be afraid, everything will be alright..
thank you for waiting me… my love..

aren’t the lyrics romantic? ❤

credit kimatom1 @ youtube
mp3 ripped by theia
capture pics by theia

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