[Fashion] Onew Hairstyle from Music to Video

“The importance of a good hair style goes beyond improving your appearance. If you want to enhance your physical appearance, then there is no doubt that your hair style is one of the factors that you should consider” – 3fatchicks

I have asked some of my friends who are also onew biased said that they always anticipated SHINee comeback, especially.. the hair. they are always worried if Onew got ugly hair style, too long hairstyle. extreme haircut etc etc… to be honest, i’m too. i always freak out when Onew got bad hair, when hairstylist let his hair grows long or if his hair turns into blond. there are also friends who change their bias from one certain member to Onew or the opposite, and that’s just because of hair. As you know, hairstyle is very important. It effects your appearance and as Onew biased for 4 years and still counting, I’ve been with him through good and bad hair which got me good and bad moment of fangirling over him. Now i’d like to review his hairstyles with my personal rating

1. Replay (2008)

During replay debut, Onew hairstyle was just like any other idol, his hairstyle was not too extreme but not really too old fashion (at that time) so it can be considered as ‘save’. he didn’t dye his hair, still black and i thought it’s a good one, though.. not the best. lol

rating : ☆☆☆

2. Love Like Oxygen (2008)

in the MV Onew’s bang was on the left, not much improvement from his hairstyle in debut era because LLO was only 3 month after debut promotion. still black, only got trimmed a bit but because it’s little bit shorter, it makes him look cuter and younger. it makes his face less wide but still chubby and cute lmao. his style during this era was one of my favorite

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

3. Amigo (2008)

Amigo era, Onew had this bowl cut which makes him look even cuter than before. The hairstyle kept him look younger and younger which kinda frustrated me at first but then realized that this kid is actually really cute and just be that way. It was indeed that i want him to look like a guy for his age (21 at that time) not look like 17 years old but i just can’t help it lol. bowl cut is cute for him

Rating : ☆☆☆☆ 

4. Romeo – Juliette (2009

good thing after the long hair, Onew cameback with the hairstyle which MVP like to call ‘bird nest” at that moment. most of MVP like this hairstyle. little bit curly and full bang, light brown but short. they think Onew looks like handsome but cute at the same time.

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

5. Ring Ding Dong (2009)

during RDD promotion, Onew got his hair trim, thin bang and but still light brown.. I personally think his hair here was beyond satisfaction for me. I love a guy with this hairstyle and with this Onew looks more mature, not anymore a university guy next door but instead a young man with promising career lmao

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

6. Lucifer (2010)

Some of MVP say his long hair during Lucifer was the sexiest hairstyle ever. I could say the same but i didn’t. long hair is not really my style and i personally thing long hair doesn’t fit Onew at all. in some ocassion, he looks hot and sexy indeed but i’d rather to see him in short hair. But the annoying thing i found during this era with his hairstyle is he often got his hair clipped behind his ear which makes him look pretty while i expected him to look manlier

Rating : ☆☆

7. Hello (2010)

Not really different with Lucifer, just he moved the bang from right to the left. and no more 5 : 5 lmao. in this era, fans used to call him baby lion because his hair looks like a lion hair. though i have to admit, during this era actually onew has always this smooth hair lmao…

Rating : ☆☆

8 . Replay – Japanesse Debut (2011)

this probably my favorite hair ever, he got his black hair back and short. The haircut gives him the impression of a sucessfull young man, young CEO… lol idk i just think he looks manly but cute guy at the same time. his appearance look gentle and it just fits him so well

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

9. Juliette – Japanesse (2011)

He dyed his hair to his favorite light brown and cut his bang, almost look like the RDD era but the color was lighter. He really cute and also handsome. This was also like my favorite hair of him.

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

10. Lucifer – Japanesse (2011)

not much changing from juliette japanesse era, just little bit longer hair here. Not really my fave because little bit longer and i really don’t really like long hair on him. so yeah, but somehow he still looks sexy as ever

Rating : ☆☆☆

11. Sherlock (2012)

Compared to other members, only Onew didn’t get haircut and just with his ‘little bit’ longer hair. Sometimes his Hello’s hair will be back and it makes me cringe for some reason. Not my favorite and not his best haircut so far even though in some occasion he still looks sexy with long hair lol

Rating : ☆☆☆

So, what’s your favorite hair among all the MV’s?

Capture by theia

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  1. angela

     /  September 21, 2012

    I love his hairstyle in Romeo – Juliette, RDD, Sherlock (except 5:5) and especially NOW!!^^ Though I’m the same age as him, he looks like to be my little son! He is always aging backward O.o
    Btw, I really love your blog and reviews. wow! You are such a loyal fan ❤ Fighting!

  2. I love all his hairstyle (Except the permed one :D))
    I prefer his hairstyle in Lucifer Japanese version. The messy brown hair perfectly suit him..

  3. Favourite: RDD
    Least favourite: Lucifer

  4. BUTET

     /  September 30, 2012

    I Love ALL his hairstyle… EVERYTHING… but, the most I like is his hairstyle in Replay Japanese, he look so fresh and young. aaaaaaaaaa…….. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH….

  5. My favourite is Amigo era, Juliette and Hello era. But I like everything about his hairstyle, as long as not bal kkk 😀
    I LOVE ONEW OPPA… Saranghaeyo

  6. My favourite will always be the RDD era. Not in this photo, but really during the promotion period. The Replay Japanese version era is another favourite. You don’t know how much i spazz just seeing his new hair at that time. Onew looks best with short hair. I really like his hair now too, the change since SWC2 Hong Kong 😀

  7. i personally really like onew haitstyle in hello era..
    he’s look so so so cute >.<

  8. hayeon

     /  November 29, 2012

    honestly he looks most handsome in his debut era.. he’s still a young boy, not mature yet lol..
    but afterall, juliette, both lucifer era, and hello are my favourite. I love how tha stylist always gave him that warm color for his hair.. if he had a lighter hair color, IMO it won’t suit on him 🙂

  9. super agree with you, i personally think the same. long hairstyle doesn’t suit onew best, short hair is better -black or even light brown is fine. my fav era are amigo and replay japanese version (omg so cuteeeee /flips table/ lol) and my least fav is lucifer,with no specific reason. maybe because i usually dislike boy with long hair or something. the short one makes him looks more cuter and clean and handsome and gentle. too much feels ;3

  10. dev

     /  June 12, 2014

    who are you? our style is exactly (okay, it’s too much) same. Tbh, onew in debut era and in a short hair(prefer the black ome) is the best ever. Wish he will appear with his “real” hair again ^3^

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