The Girls You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.2] ; Park Ye-Eun Wonder Girls

Here we are already in part 2. this time i would like to pair Onew with one of Wonder Girls member, Ye Eun but internationally she’s called Yenny. So Why you want her to be with Onew?

It was started with a confession by Yenny on one variety show saying that her ideal type of guy is Onew. Her bandmate, Yoobin added that Yenny likes calling Onew as my Onew. Yenny didn’t deny it instead she just laughed and hit yoobin for saying it in public. You can see she’s blushing there.

you can watch the video of her confession here


not long after the show SHINee came to radio program as guest. at there the DJ talked about Yenny who recently put her interest of Onew. So the DJ teased him along with other members. Onew’s respond was actually just fine. He looked thankful but acted cool as best as he could. he tried his best to not blushing. Then DJ asked him if they knew closely each other but Onew said they are not close nor even had a chance to talk each other. Onew said he read Ye Eun confession on the news. Then Key added how Yenny actually called Onew as ‘My Onew’ which surprised Onew more. With that case, the DJs asked Onew to make a video message to Ye Eun and his massage to her was ….. “ye eun shi, thank you”

it caused a big laugh from members and DJs because all of them must be expected him to say more than that considering the romantic music background was playing while he’s about to send the video message to Ye Eun. But the short ‘thank you’ caused a big down and turn off. It was funny and cute at the same time. Onew is awkward and the message caused people speechless and laugh. They couldn’t do anything about it.

You can see the video of Onew saying Thank You to Yenny here


Onew and Ye Eun both have really strong and beautiful voice. I’d like to hear them singing together and do a duet one day though it seems impossible but who knows?

They were born in the same year, in 1989 even though Yenny was born 7 months before Onew. But since it’s still same year, they can be considered as chingu.

there’s interesting comment i’ve read in youtube

As a big fan of Onew, I know that Onew didn’t have much (or any) dating experience. He for sure didn’t have a girl friend before he debuted as SHINee. He even said himself that he wasn’t very popular and not a single girl gave him a love letter (while the other SHINee members said they received lots). Plus he was really smart and studious like Yenny. He didn’t leave short message because he wasn’t interested in her. It was because he was shy and not used to being chosen as someone’s ideal type.  – DBSK1004

I couldn’t agree more on that comment. I think Onew was too shy to give a beautiful message to Ye Eun, so it was that he could say to her. And also it is the fact that Ye Eun was the first girl from idol group who bravely choosing Onew as her ideal type and put her interest on him, before her there’s no girl from idol group saying they like Onew or choosing Onew as their ideal type.  Usually female idol group would say Jonghyun or Minho or Taemin but no one said Onew. Those artist who tell Onew as ideal type was noona, ajuhma, or gag female artist lmao.

I personally like the idea of Onew andYe Eun. They can be a cute couple or maybe a good friend since they are chingu. They both are book worm and smart, and they have a nice voice. If they are couple and meet the first time in high school at the music class, i can imagine their date would be a lot in library, karaoke place, and going to book store together lol. it was so cute. i feel like writing fiction hahaha

Too bad they don’t have a  lot of chance meeting or talking each other because both are so busy and they are in different agency. The only place they can meet is in music show .. if they do promotion at the same time. but it rarely happens.

I once saw them on the Gayo Daejun in 2011. They were standing almost next to each other, quite close but they don’t talk. it must be because they aren’t close 😦 But I hope in the future, there will be a show where Onew and Ye Eun attend together so they can make a proper talk to each other.

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  1. Lee's wife

     /  September 15, 2012

    im looking forward to next part ^^

  2. azki

     /  November 8, 2012

    I’m shipping this couple too~haha
    I don’t know, but both hv the kind person feeling and the beautiful voice they got…yes!I’d also like to hear them singing together…

  3. loveonew

     /  November 10, 2012

    boram from t-ara said his ideal guy is onew… and she mentioned it too on yahaesung


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