[Side Story] Onew Childhood Stories

i really want to write this along time ago. unfortunately i didn’t save all the facts i’ve read so i have to do search over again. why do i want to write this is simply because i always think that childhood affect your adult life, the way you behave and explaining people character. your childhood builds your character, right? lmao


Onew was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do on Thursday, 14 December in 1989.

Onew is a single child, he has no brother nor sister.. I think with this situation, his parents seem spoiled and doting him enough. usually when a child treated this way, the kid would grow as a spoiled brat kid and annoying. But it doesn’t happen with Onew. i donn’t really know how his parents educate this kid but this kid grew as a filial and a nice son. I will tell you why he’s considered as filial son later on.

Although his parents love him much, it caused his parents to always work for Onew.  That way, Onew forced to learn living as independent kid at home. Onew had lost all his grandparents since a kid. the last grandparents he still remember was his grandmother. but she died when he’s 5. So he doesn’t have  a lot of memory with his grandparents. Whenever he saw grandmother and grandfather walked together with their grandson, he would be envy of that son. But also at the same time he would treat grandparents he had met as his own grandparents because he really wants to have one

Though his parents was busy on working since he’s a kid, they never abandoned him for love. On holidays, his parents would take little Jinki for a trip. During the trip, his parents would always play trot songs in the car and singing along to it. That is why Onew can memorize all the trot songs. I imagine Onew as a child, going a trip while singing along trot songs with his parents in the car. so cute!! i think this explains why Jinki loves and enjoys having a trip so much. He had told that he had ever come to a big house with a huge farm (maybe his family or his parents’ relative’s house) and he experienced farming and learned cattle

Kid Onew grows as a polite son. His parents had taught him to always be nice, polite and to respect  older people no matter who they are or their background.

“You don’t know how other people will accept words you say by mistake. I believe that you can change a life with just one word. If I feel that I’m in the wrong then I apologize no matter what. If I happen to slightly brush past someone on the street I say that I’m sorry first. That’s what my parents taught me to do since I was young. To always greet the security ahjusshi even if I see him several times a day. I think the inner thoughts that I formed as I lived like that have made me who I am.” — GQ 10Men interview

I imagine Onew must be the type of person who was easy to apologize, especially towards older people. he’s kind of person who doesn’t want to hurt older people and that way he always acts to be nice and respectful towards people.
When Jinki was young, he liked to go to CD game shops to play games for free. Kid Onew would always try his best so that he could play the games. However, one day he decided to purchase the game CD as he felt embarrassed for always playing it for free at the shop. He bought the CD game even though he didn’t have the game player at home.

No one at the Shop asked him to do so, but i think it’s his own initiate because he felt  bad for playing games for free constantly. aww such a cute kid. imagine a kid like him already had a feeling of being bad and guilty for doing this forgivable things. haha

During primary school, Jinki would always tear up when he wrote letters to his parents whenever he thought about how late his parents came home from work.

I imagine kid Onew was being lonely back then. no matter how independent he was since a kid, i think the feeling of his parents would always there when he’s about to sleep must be the feeling he still missed so much. during those times, thanks God he still has friends. His friends he met at primary school and stays  friends until now. Onew once had told that his bestfriends are his primary school friends. I think the bond between Onew and his primary school friends stays strong because of the long term friendship they had. It is possible that those friends who keep accompanying and helping him when Onew felt alone while his parents left him for work. That is why Onew trust them and thankful for always be with him since a kid. His childhood he would spent with his friends by riding bicycle and playing football.

When he was in elementary school, there was a task from his teacher for students to write letter for their classmate.Onew wrote to all his classmates and it was 40 letters in total.  He spent writing 4-5 letter in a day. He received a letter from his female friend and it said ‘ You look handsome when you are smiling and please don’t hit me again’.  Onew then just laugh of it and he told her that he didn’t mean to hit her, he was joking and teasing. There were also the letter sent to him and said ‘ you look cute wearing yellow’ and Onew would just think ‘ do i really look cute in yellow?’

there was a story of him and his mom going to the ‘kids fun’ or something like that. Little Onew played the soft toy games. He was actually good at it and got the giant bunny doll. but it was too big and the kid couldn’t take the doll out of the machine. then he called his mother to help him to pull the doll out by grabbing the bunny’s ear. He said it felt like pulling out the carrots from the ground lmao but eventually he got that giant bunny doll. There was a fanart of him hugging the giant bunny doll he had won

when Onew was a kid, he never stole money from his parents. when he found money at home he would give it back to his parents. If he wants money, he won’t directly ask for it. He would clean his father’s shoes or washed the dish for his mother, and in the end he would ask them money to buy cookies.

Kid Onew liked packed snacks and saved them in his bag, then he would play outside as if he’s leaving home or going a trip for days. But he would come back at night and there are no more snacks in his bag. I imagine Onew really loved buying snacks, biscuits and cookies when he was a kid. There was a time he looked over weight. That kid really liked eating food a lot.

When he was a kid he never thought about wanting to be a singer. he dreamed about being a scientist or astronaut. But his parents and friends always praise his voice, later when he’s in middle school the thought of being a singer finally appeared.

When he was a kid, he liked to go to the church with his mother. he would be so excited because in the church where he always come would give him a hot chocolate for free. Little Jinki liked the taste a lot and he thought that it was the most delicious hot chocolate he had ever tasted.

more pictures of kid Onew


sources : shakizi, livejournal, fan blog, Shinee Son Of the sun travel book, tumblr, shinee forum, youtube, all various sources

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  1. angela

     /  September 13, 2012

    Onew is such a good boy. Thanks to his parents for giving born to him and also raising him with such great manners. *proud MVP*

  2. Onew defied the generalization that lone child are spoiled. He was born in a good family that is why he grew up to the gentle and nice man he is now. And we have the same childhood dream – astronaut :kekeke:

    Would you mind if I share this somewhere else? I will credit you.

  3. hayeon

     /  November 29, 2012

    umm.. i’m kinda curious about his religion.. some said that he’s buddhist, but some others said that he’s christian 😐 so he’s a christian? where did you got that ‘going to church’ info? 🙂

    • chocolatheia

       /  December 2, 2012

      that ‘going to church’ info comes from his barcelona travel book. he also said he celebrates christmas every year when Shinee were special dj in radio special x-mas back in 2008

  4. hmmm… i’m also curious about onew’s religion.. keke

  5. ahh touchy . everyone never know that this boy with a very nice smile will getting popular and will make women fell into him in the future

  6. wangmari23

     /  January 17, 2014

    Aigooo soo cut its very nice to learn more about them thank you and good job for findjng all this facts hhahaha

  7. Reblogged this on S.

  8. babibulma

     /  May 17, 2017

    Reblogged this on BABIBULMA.

  9. As we say in Texas, Cute as a Button!


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