[Personal Review] Onew Solo – In Your Eyes for SBS Drama ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST

Today i proudly share Onew Solo for  To the beautiful you Drama OST. i had  been wondered why haven’t onew had his own solo for ost? i mean he has really nice song for ballad. why SM hadn’t considered him to participate in Ost project solo? and finally it took like 4 years since debut for him to get one. And i kinda think that if it wasn’t because SM put Minho and Sulli (as another Sm artist) in the Drama itself as the main role, i think Onew wouldn’t even get the chance lol. but oh well, it really doesn’t matter right now because now Onew has his own OST solo project ^^

Listen and read the translation here

the song itself sounds like common korean OST in my opinion. There you can listen piano, guitar and another instrument in the song blend so well. Though at the very first time listening, it makes me remember some Michael Learns To Rock songs.. but oh well after listen to it several times, it’s actually a very good ballad song.

And also, Onew voice here is really smooth. Well i can never describe his voice enough. I just really love his voice. the best one among other SHINee members in my personal opinion.

I really don’t know if i should share the mp3 link because i want people to support it by downloading or buying the song officially. i want people to appreciate and support onew. more people like this song, hopefully more project Onew will get in the future ^^

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  1. Can you make a post , about how we can Buy the song?

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     /  April 1, 2014

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