SHINee Onew’s Fansites List

So after think about it for a while, i’d like to share onew fansites links here in hope it eases you to have access viewing more of Onew’s stuffs. Since the moving out data has been a big issue, (as you know, to respect all the korean fansites who have been working so hard updating and stuff, we aren’t allowed to reupload, edit and remove their data from their fansites in any other places) so it maybe is going to be a little help to share and link it directly to the fansites. especially to those who usually get the stuffs from tumblr and forum and had already depended on them. Here are the fansites and fanblogs


  1. OnlyWithOnew –>  This Site is maybe the only old onew fansites who has been following and updating Onew since the end of 2008 or 2009. I don’t even remember but this fansite at first named onlyonew but in 2010 there’s another fansite named withonew and in 2011 they collaborated together and making this new fansite under the name OnlyWithOnew. This fansites is one of my favorites because they are so dedicated and their fancams and pictures are so gorgeous. They have already sold their stuffs into Photobook and DVD, it was awesome and now has been working for a new project one. You need to register to be a member to join this fansite so you can view their data ^^
  2. Everything-0 –>  This one is also old fansite, they had been with onew since debut.. only this fansite had a long hiatus in 2010-2011 but now they are back and have been active and updating constantly. This is also my favorite because their pictures are beautiful and their fancams.. most of their fancams are full performance so it’s really really satisfying. you need to register to join and view their data
  3. MarryJane –>  I found this fansite probably in 2010. At first it was only a personal blog that collecting onew’s stuff until it’s getting a lot of fans and finally the master decided to make it as a fansite instead just a personal blog. You also need to register to join and view the data there
  4. Onewrang –>  I’d like to say that this fansite is rather cute. Most of the fancams from this fansite shows the cute side of Onew. the pictures are also good though it seems like the master likely has a fetish on Onew’s smile. their photos show a lot of Onew when he’s smiling and him looking cute. It’s really endearing. You need to register to view more of onew cuteness from this fansite ^^
  5. CrushOnew –>  I found this site in 2010. At first i stalked this fansite since it’s updating alot of onew’s pictures from onew musical performance Rock Of Age. At first I thought this site is specify only in Onew’s musical activity but it turned out that this fansite follow Onew in SHINee performance abroad, it’s pretty exciting until this fansite constantly updating not only in SHINee international activity but also in Korea. This fansite now focus in updating Onew. you need to register to join and view the data ^^
  6. OnewSama –>  This fansite also one of the oldest Onew Fansites along with everything-0 and Onlyonew. They stand since 2008. and good to know this fansite is still exist. I’d say this has gorgeous pictures and fancams, But unfortunately they don’t often updating the data, not that constantly. but once they update, it’s heaven. You need to register and join to view their data ^^
  7. CuzOnew –>  This fansite is probably new, found this in 2011 but they has been so active and constantly updating until now. The pictures are also gorgeous and also the fancams. One of my favorite. You need to register to view the data
  8. SweetSound –> This fansite is also new, found it in 2011 along with Cuzonew but they have proved as a dedicated fansite as they constantly updating the data and stuff. I personaly love their pictures. They always manage to capture Jinki’s sexy and manly side. You need to register to view their gorgeous pictures and fancams, tho they are rarely producing fancams
  9. Past Present And Future –> Same as Maryjane, at first this is a personal blog which collected onew’s pictures but it turned out to be a fansite. The pictures/photos are so great. They really manage to capture both onew’s cuteness and sexiness. i love how they often capture Onew all body and close up in balance. This fansite is worth to be viewed. Need to register though ^^
  10. vanillalatte –>  i found this fansite during Onew’s musical activity, so it’s probably in 2010. I don’t even remember if it’s during Hey Bro or Rock of Age. But this fansite isn’t stop there as Onew’s musical activity’s over. They keep following and updating Onew in Shinee’s activity until now. They usually updating more of fancams than pictures but both are gorgeous when updated, fancams usually in full version. No need to register you still can view the data ^^
  11. DearOnew –>  I found this in 2011. This is also probably new along with cuzonew and sweeetsound and onewrang. When they update data, the pictures usually aren’t updated a lot but they have gorgeous pictures and fancams. you need to register to view their data
  12. All that Onew –>  I’m suspicious that this fansite is actually had been with Onew since along time ago, probably since 2009 but then in 2011 they are back again under new name. The pictures are so High quality and gorgeous. the fancams also nice. You need to register to view the data
  13. No Reason  –> I think this has been with Onew since 2010. at first the address was but now changes to it contains alot of good stuff. Good and a lot of pictures and full fancam version. One of my favorite. You don’t need to register to view ^^
  14. Cosine & Tangent –> This is a new fansite i found in 2012. not so long ago. They really have gorgeous pictures. most of their datas are pictures but it doesn’t matter because they produce  really great..  very great pictures. I found myself personally liking their shots. I really hope they continue to support Onew and not going to stop because i start to put this fansite to my favorite list. You don’t need to register to view.
  15. Romeonew –> This fansite is also new, found not long ago in 2012. They produce alot of great photos and they are awesome. I hope they continue to support onew because i start to like this fansite. You need to register to view their stuffs
  16. OnleeOnew –> Found this in 2011 along with Cuzonew, Onewrang, and Sweetsound. I really like the photos from this fansite. so gorgeous. tho, they don’t update much lately. but once they update, you will nott want to miss it. Need to register to view their stuffs
  17. Onewol –> a very new fansite i found also in 2012. many people think that the master is the other master of Onew’s ex-fansite, Onewstyle. She make the new fansite under this name. But we never know. It has been produced only a few photos already (since it’s new) but they are gorgeous. you need to register to view the stuffs
  18. Black85246 –> This is a fansite of Onew who had been very active during Onew’s musical activity, Hey, Bro! then it turns out to be a fansite in 2011. Though they are not as updated as they were back then but sometimes the master would update the data and post alot of pictures. need to register to view
  19. RabbitBurrow –> : This Fansite contains not only pictures but also fancams, Though it’s not as much as updated as it was but same as black85246, sometimes they would post two or three full fancams for an event. no need to register.
  20. Onew It’s U –> :this is new fansite of onew which newly opened. it was a fan blog but it’s now a fansite. because it’s new there aren’t many data but you can see this fansite is potentially dedicated. we just hope this fansite will continue their support in the future for the long term. the photo are good enough. registration for foreign join is opened periodically.
  21. Snow Flake –> : this is also newly opened few days later after onewitsu was opened. their pictures are really good. i hope this fansite is going to continue showing the love for onew and not just disappear quickly. the last time i checked, no need to register to view the data
  22. TheOnew –> the very new site. started in september 2012. I hope in the future this site will show more dedication for onew and will be more picture and fancams ^^

FANBLOG : In Fanblog, you don’t need to register.

  1. Sentimental Love –> : new fanblog i found, has been so active lately. start to become my favorite
  2. Sunee –> : Not sure if it’s a blog dedicated to onew but i found most of the fancams are onew focus so yeah..
  3. La La Like –> : Most focus on Onew, though sometimes it updates other members
  4. Rainbow –> : Most of all producing Onew fancams
  5. LeeJinki –> : Not oftenly updated but who knows if the owner feels like updating? 🙂
  6. JinGanJang –> : This one is my favorite of Onew Fanblog. oftenly updates and produces good pictures and fancams
  7. Breakthrough –> : produces pictures and fancams but lately it hadn’t updated anything so.. yeah
  8. Believe in My Dream –> : One of my favorites too.. This blog usually post a lot of pictures once it updates

I shall update this post when i find a new fansites/another fanblogs. if i miss one, please correct and kindly tell me ^^

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  1. fanifanifani

     /  August 15, 2012

    yeeaahh happy to know that some of new fansite are exist when some of the old have leave him. thankyou for always support onew ^^

  2. ardaki

     /  August 28, 2012

    it’s so sad seeing ppl leaving him one by one T T
    thanks so much you still beside him!

  3. thank you so much 😀

  4. Lee's wife

     /  September 5, 2012 and now on site ^^
    old fanblogs and now become fansites rite?

    • chocolatheia

       /  September 7, 2012

      thank you. i’ve edited the post. i saw these new fansites but because i was so busy, i couldn’t update it fast. . thank you so much ❤

      • Lee's wife

         /  September 10, 2012

        nope ^^
        how about OneWaytoU ?
        mostly produces fancams rite? and the quality is also good ^^

    • chocolatheia

       /  September 23, 2012

      i don’t think onewaytou has a fansite though.. she just has a youtube channel of her onew’s fancam

  5. @LongNight_JINKI

     /  September 9, 2012

    Thanks for list like this!!
    Jd ga capek” ubek” twitter… Wkwkwkw

  6. Reblogged this on It's me facing me… and commented:
    I am now officially an MVP!

  7. thank you so much for your update about onew’s fansite list \(^o^)/
    its really helping me for searching all about my onyu, kkk~ 😛

  8. sujushine

     /  December 9, 2012

    What about They are my favourite Onew fansite. Very updates and you can view photos without having an account. (:

  9. azqi

     /  March 5, 2013

    well, can I ask you how to register for those fansites? when I opened some fansites such as everyting-o or onewsama, it only shows picture. I couldn’t find any register button or else…thank you.

  10. leerery

     /  March 29, 2014

    Pongdang, onewaytou, and coredumb. They’re onew’s fansite too 🙂 but I don’t know correctly they’re a fansite or fanblog -_-

  11. babibulma

     /  April 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on BABIBULMA and commented:
    Onew, Onew, Onew!!! *-*

  12. Reblogged this on S and commented:
    omg I compiled my own list but the more the merrier eh hehe <33

  13. ahh I have my own list too but its better to have more than one list to look at too hehe


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