[News/Review] Onew finally has his own car?

It started when my friend last night mentioned me on twitter, she said someone on weibo saw him driving car leaving the SM building.

the fanaccount in weibo : 本来要回去复习的,忽然就想来SM看看[泪]一到温流就到了,开着宝马车不知道上哪里去。还真没有认出来[偷笑]我在这里 http://tinyurl.com/bouu3yu

the translation is : “saw Onew the moment I arrived, he was driving a BMW leaving” . cr. @onyuxccy twitter

later i found that Onew’s car is BMW 3 series (E46) which is old design and old production of BMW. it’s 1998-2006 year production. you can read more about this car here http://tinyurl.com/69ng9nq

my friend said that his car is 2006 3 series (E46) production. and it is black as seen in this picture

this of course not onew’s parent car as some my friends think so. because as i remember onew gave his parents SUV not sedan. lol

but to be honest, i think this car doesn’t appear luxurious, it’s old design and some germans think this series have this ugly design of car. this series aren’t even longer sold in germany. probably they export and market it in Asia now. which is why we see Onew can get this car.

but i have to admit, Onew’s style of car is quite unique. some ppl said it’s classy. idk if it’s because the car is BMW or because it has old style. but still.. expensive.
seeing this car reminds me of father goes to work heading to his company. this kind of car of course suits the image of it.

no wonder if Key calls Onew gangnam (old man) lol

Onew actually can choose a car with luxurious and cool design like jonghyun’s , 2012 Hyundai Azera Sedan.. or minho’s with Kia Cadenza (K7)… but instead of buying local production car (which of course less expensive), Onew chooses the old European car instead. i read somewhere to compare the prices, jonghyun’s car is like $ 35. xx, minho’s car is around # 30.xx – $ 40.xx while Onew’s BMW is around $ 149. xx

so much for an old car? LOL

but as i said, Onew’s taste of car is unique if that BMW is indeed his. he’s kind of  ‘Brand Design Takes More Than Style’ guy. yeah that’s what i learn about him. i remember his clothes and shoes are not stylist either but found the prices are so huge. that’s crazy of him LOL

but i wouldn’t say that he bought this car to impress people that he has a lot of  money. his car doesn’t look luxurious either to impress that he his car is cool. Onew is kind of person who would get what he likes or wants no matter how much it cost. but he’s thoughtful when he’s about to get things too. if he wants he could buy a car earlier but i guess he needed to buy a car for his parents first than for himself. He also said once that he actually prefer using public transportation or bike lmao. But Jinki buying himself a car now is kinda the way he spoils himself for what he’d been achieved. because i think  this kid somehow still couldn’t appreciate himself.

that’s nice of him to have car… i believe many girls will turn swoon over him (or his car lol idk) i just hope he would drive safely as he probably would drive more often now

note : the opinion is purely mine. and it’s just an opinion. feel free to discuss it here ^^

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  1. I just found this page and I love it so much! The info is so new, some stuff you’ve posted here, I’ve never heard about before *o* Thanks so much for keeping MVPs updated ^^ This car thing is weird, why pay so much for such an old car model that you would probably even have trouble finding replacement pieces for? But maybe he bought a used one? Then it would make sense… Or maybe it’s not even his car XD

    • chocolatheia

       /  August 14, 2012

      thank you for commenting and giving opinion, yeah.. i kinda start to think that maybe it’s not even his car.. but onew is a person who is shy that it would be so hard for him asking permission to borrow a car from a friend or relative lol.. but yeah, we never know ^^

  2. azki

     /  November 8, 2012

    if that is really his car…then…wohooo you finally got driving license? ne?…hehe

    old or not it’s still cool because onew’s driving it..hehe ^^v


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