[Review] Onew feat Jessica in One Year Later Performances

One year later is one of my favorite song which has Onew and Jessica SNSD singing duet in it. when the first time i heard that Jessica will have duet song with Onew in SNSD mini album back in 2009, tbqh from my Onew bias point of view, i wasn’t pleased knowing that it was going to be Jessica who’s gonna be Onew’s duet mate. I wasn’t a huge of SNSD fan that time and i wasn’t adore her that much. but then since it’s Onew would be singing, i couldn’t help but looking forward to it. then when i was listening to the song, i was so happy because i fell in love to the song immediately from the 1st listen. Onew and Jessica’s voice are so blended nicely and it was so smooth. i just love it. then One Year later become one of my favorite duet song ever. and without i realized, I begin to love Jessica as well.

then when music core announced that they would have a special performance on 1st august 2009, i couldn’t help but flailing happily because it was like one of my dream to watch Onew and Jessica perform the song. (I actually have been wanting that Onew and Jessica One Year Later will have MV lol but yeah i know it’s almost impossible)

This is the 1st performance of Onew and Jessica One Year Later in Mucore special

i think this performance wasn’t that bad even tho onew’s voice cracked somewhere in the middle of the song lol. but i love the outfits, i love the setting where Jessica was standing on the ship and Onew was coming and sang looking up at her. it was quite awkward but it was cute awkward because they both looked shy but still managed to smile and all. it was so cute of them actually.

and then after the good respond of the 1st performance, Mucore made Onew and Jessica got the chance to perform it again on 9th august 2009. this time it was better because, well unlike the 1st performance where they were standing far like Jessica was on the top on the ship and Onew could only looking at her far from the ship, this one they managed to get closer.

here’s the performance of One Year Later on 9th august 2009 in another mucore

i love the setting here in the performance because it was full of the bright light and it felt like they meet again on the night with those bright street lamps and it was just romantic ;__; onew didn’t crack this time and he looked good and fine while Jessica looked so pretty as she smiled alot. it was like a shy smile when she had to look at Onew while singing but i find it was so cute lol it gives butterflies fly in my stomache whenever i see them singing that song.

the 3rd performance was when SNSD had this world tour concert held in Seoul, Korea in 2010 (i don’t remember the date but it was around that year i think). it was their 1st world tour and Jessica and Onew performed One Year Later.

Here’s the video

I think this was the best of the performance of one year later so far because their outfit were so perfect. it looked like they were going to married or something lol. Onew with that white suit and Jessica in this nice white dress, she looked like a princess seriously. the performance itself was so good. because when they turned around and walked to get closer and stopped somewhere in the middle of the stage, they were looking at each other while singing as the stage making this like merry-go-round move and it was like never once they broke their eye contact and to make it perfect, there were rose petals falling and raining down on them and it was so beautiful… i almost cried.and in the end, they hugged ;__; it was awkward hug but it was so cute i can’t help ;_______;

then in end of 2011, Jessica and Onew had another chance to perform One Year Later again in SNSD music special for Christmas. it was on 24th December 2011. here’s the video

and to tell you my review, i’d say that i’m so disappointed with this performance because here, they were lack of interaction and Jessica was being so cold i don’t know. Jessica was actually very pretty with her dress and her hair was perfect. she sang it quite nicely. then when it was Onew turn to sing, Onew kept looking at her but Jessica… it seems like she didn’t acknowldge him there. like Onew wasn’t exist. Jessica just only looked at him once while Onew looked doing serenade to her like confessing his undying love or something lol. then when they sang together, it was in the bridge part… they usually would sing it while looking at each other and smiling slyly and all but NO. they didn’t. Which is disappointed me so much. Onew was awkward after all as he knew that Jessica kept looking straight to the audience instead of him while singing and it made Onew turned his body to face the audience too. In the end they would just sing it standing side by side like a choir on the stage. it doesn’t feel like duet at all. there’s no chemistry, there’s no eye contact, there’s no shy smile… whatever. it feels so… plain. I’m sad that it turns to be like this.

well you know that one year later is a song telling about two persons who had relationship before but because that time they were still immature they somehow broke up and after one year separated they finally met again. and when they met again, they sang the song. while singing it, they supposed to be like little bit awkward yet shy but happy because after one year they still loved each other and they wanted to make it up. when they met again, they eyes should be all sparkling while looking at each other to represent how they missed each other so much and happy that they met again as they wanted to start the relationship over again. it was work for Onew and Jessica for the three previous performance. but for the last one.. it doesn’ work. i’m disappointed that they failed to represent to song in the last performance.

I really hope, it wasn’t their last One Year later performance though as i really do hope they would sing it again probably for SMtown concert in the future and i hope when it comes they wouldn’t be that cold to each other anymore. I somehow ship Onsica so seeing them couldn’t building the chemistry while singing that song was disappointed me.

I hope they would sing together more often and i would like to see more of Onew and Jessica interaction ^^

anyway i’d like to share one of the fancam of Onew and Jessica duet in ITNW concert in Shanghai. this performancewasn’t even aired at TV station nor official DVD so yeah… but this fancam was so cute and you should check it out, start at 1 ; 55 it was onsica started the interaction ^^

it was so cute… i have to admit that i’m so jealous but… oh, well… they make a good couple, don’t they?

credit videos : songjh55, kyokoryusuou, botspm9, monmonsnowseason5, lokyan95

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  1. and to finally see someone made an article of my fav OTP… *cries* thank you.

    i couldn’t agree more. same with you, i won’t lie, i kinda disappointed with their last perf. i mean, come on, SM. i seriously won’t mind if you make some of your artists be more intimate in their work. I mean, look at Taeyang & Dara on INAG’s MV.. of even Dara and G.D on their halo perfs… i know that was sooo long ago, but still.. that’s one reason why i love YG too beside SM and all of their wonderful artists.

    I’m a SONE, a SHINee World, an Elf, scratch that, I’m an SMTown lover. and as a fan, i would loooooove to see them ‘interact’ more on stage better than like OYL perf yesterday. Sica-unnie looks so so so cold towards Onew-oppa T^T even when he tried to make eye contact… -sobs-

  2. Tiffany

     /  July 3, 2013

    I know this was posted a long time ago but now it’s stated that Sica eonnie was shy and giggly if she looked at Onew, that’s why she didn’t look at him. She would’ve gotten all giggly and stuff and that probably would’ve ruined the singing.


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