[FanAccount] SHINee at KIFF Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta

I wanna share my experience watching SHINee in KIFF that was held in Senayan Tennis Indoor Jakarta. This event was limited for them who want to watch the concert. They only have 2500 indoor and outdoor free tickets that were distributed for Indonesian fans. These indoor tickets were divided into 2 groups though, premium mainstage for them who can watch SHINee in front seat, and general stage for them who can watch in Tribune. But they still can watch SHINee though. Keke~ I wasn’t that fortune to have the premium mainstage ticket but I was lucky enough to have the general standing ticket. It was better than having outdoor ticket. Outdoor tickets were for them who can only watch the concert in outdoor stadium through the big screen. A lot of fans competed for the indoor tickets of course.

As I got the ticket, I was so excited and ready to go to Jakarta. I went on Monday by train and arrived at Jakarta on early Tuesday. I went to Plaza Semanggi to meet all my friends there… they are Authors of one of SHINee’s blog and I was so happy because we had a chance to watch SHINee together. That was like our dream since the beginning we built the blog and after 2 years since the first time we finally can meet each other ^^ we were very excited since we were come from from different city ^^

We went together to Senayan at 02.30 pm and when we were arrived there had already a lot of people in Senayan. Not long after that, when me and my friends were just walking around Senayan, there’s SHINee’s bus arrived. A lot of fangirls run and screamed to the bus. But since I’m an old already I had no strange to follow those fangirls and screamed or run like crazy. I always in behind XD I had no chance to see the bus or shinee inside. I just heard from the ppl there that someone from the bus waved his hand to us. We were not sure who it was but a lot of ppl thought it was Key or Onew.

Then after like a hour later, about at 04.00 pm… the ppl who got the indoor ticket had to stand in a line before enter the stadium. We were divided into two groups in queue. The general standing ticket’s owner must wait like 2 hours before we allowed entering the stadium. Premium mainstage ticket’s owner had their queue in another place. But they allowed entering first. I got separated with half of my friends since they got the premium. So I and two friends were waiting like 2 hour there T___T it was tiring because they let us standing there waiting and my legs were hurt. But I tried to keep strong standing there.

After 2 hours, finally they let us to enter the stadium. It was my lucky because me and my friends were in front of waiting line so we had a chance to enter the stadium first and got a good seat in tribune. I was like in middle tribune facing the stage and sat in front. So I can see the stage clearly even tho I wasn’t in premiun seat but I was still happy. I saw my premium friends under the tribune and they waved their hands to me which I replied.

So far I enjoyed the show so much. I enjoyed the perfomance of the traditional music by korean group and when they sang ‘Bengawan Solo’ I was so impressed. Bengawan Solo, one of tradional song from Indonesia, from Solo city of Indonesia to be exact. After that, I enjoyed the pendet dance from Bali indonesia. The dancers were so pretty and I was so proud watching my own culture was performed in such of event. After that, I watched the korean kids dancing a tradional dance from Aceh Indonesia. It was so cute…

After that, then it was time for singers from these two Countries to perform. At first it was Gita Gutawa from indonesia. She’s so cute singing her song and I really like it. She’s so pretty. Then she did duet with Naomi, the singer from Korea. It was a good duet because they both have a very beautiful voice. Then Son Ho Young oppa performed. The audiences were getting crazy because of Ho Young Oppa. But crazy in good way lol. We were jumped and screamed to the song. I can feel the excited atmosphere in the stadium. It was hot and so amazing. For the next performer, I didn’t take my attention to them. Because I was so busy texting my friends keke~

Then the next performer was ‘The Dance Company’ one of famous rock band from Indonesia. I really love this performance since I liked their song already in my country. And in the middle of performance, I could see clearly Jinki in the side of the stage watching the band performed. Onew looked interested watching the band and how we the audiences were like crazy jumping and singing along to the song. And in that moment, I can see Jinki was looking at my tribune for like few minutes. He had his observe looks and looked serious watching us. OMG he’s so handsome!!! He’s so gorgeous and sexy and hot when he had his serious face. Enough to make my heart beats faster, like I couldn’t believe that he was Jinki that I saw there. He looked amused by the atmosphere. He was there with Taemin as long as the dance Company performing, sometimes I noticed he nodded along to the beat. Wow, he sure likes rock music lately. 😀 effect of the musical maybe? Keke~

I must say that I can only put my eyes on the leader. I wasn’t too notice when Jonghyun was there too and even Minho, haha…bad fangirl. When the dance and company finished their performed, the MCs had their speech and then not long after that, they welcomed SHINee. We were like crazy screaming their names when they stepped in on the stage. Onew had his smile on his face, though I can see that he actually tired. They performed RDD first. Call me weird but I couldn’t even scream but just watched in awed whenever Jinki had his sing part. I could only see him and smiled in happy. I don’t know why I couldn’t even jump like the others beside me T_T I even couldn’t focus taking their pictures. How can I focus on taking their pictures if my eyes can’t take off Jinki? LOL so I let my camera hung on my neck and just watched Jinki. LOL okay, sometimes if I remember I took their pictures but since I wanted to enjoy their performance, I didn’t take many pictures of them… I just watched Onew and felt like I can’t remember anything. All I can remember was, when Jinki said ‘I LOVE YOU’ after the song, I screamed out loud and replied ‘I LOVE YOU TOO’ lol that’s the first time I screamed out loud after so long XD

They had a short speech after that. Key speech in english but I couldn’t hear him clearly in english… a lot of ppl screaming so it’s kinda disturbing my ears LOL, then minho spoke in korean. Idk what he was talking keke~ then they was ready for the next song. Key said, “Let’s move to the next song’ or something like that then Onew added, ‘everybody stand up!’ LOL, Onew..didn’t you see that we were already standing?? XDD When they performed Lucifer… my head felt like spinning because I was too excited but I couldn’t express it by jumping or even screamed while watching it… haha. Most of all I just enjoyed the performance… not busying myself by taking their pictures, I was sure a lot of my friends were doing their job taking their pictures so I won’t bother myself XDD

After Lucifer, the MCs approached them and they had like short interview. They introduced themselves in english. When Jinki said, “hi, I’m Onew” I screamed out loud again. too bad I didn’t hear many MVP screamed his name along with me T_T (where the heck MVPs in Senayan anyway?? -_-) taemin with his cute smile introduced himself, then next was Jong. Jong looked tired and bored. He didn’t smile and he looked had a bad mood. He was the one who came to the stage at first and the first who left the stage either, he gave me the arrogant feeling… IDK what happened to him at first so I kinda felt annoyed with him being like that… (but later I knew that he was sick I feel bad for him T_T) Minho introduced himself too and then Key. Key introduced himself and added few sentences in english, I didn’t hear him clearly tho.. too bad.

Oh, I also notice Onew bowed his body twice at least and massaged his own legs…omg, he must be tired,,,but he kept smiling on the stage though I kinda feel it was tired smile or forced smile T____T But when they performed Hello, I saw Onew smiled HIS smile so I was so happy and bit relieved.

I feel so happy when they performed Hello because it was the first time they performed Hello outside Korea…and their first time is in Indonesia. After it done, there were balloons fell from above and I saw Onew kicked them playfully like a child ^^ So cute!!  Before they left the stage, Key said ‘Indonesia I love you’ and added by Minho ‘ nice to meet you’ keke~

I didn’t spot many pairing moments. I didn’t spot something strange though. I just spotted before RDD or Lucifer I don’t really remember, Onew spoke to Jong and tried to make him smile but Jong still pouted and had his bad mood on his face. I also spotted after RDD, Key was like confused where he had to stand and position himself. At first he walked to the left but then he walked back to stand near to Onew, but after a few seconds he remembered that he had to stand beside Minho on the edge so he with his confused face walked again to his real position XD I also spotted Minho whispered to Key something when Onew did his short speech. Oh, before Hello perfomanced, SHINee were stepped down from the stage for a minute, waiting the MCs closing the event. And when they were about to be back on stage to sing Hello, Kibum’s arm was pushed aside lightly by Jong on the stair stage. It looked like Jong wanted to make his way to the stage but because Kibum’s position was in the middle of the stair to the stage so Jong pushed his arm.

The condition inside the stadium was under control. Scream was normal. So I was so happy with that. My friend even cried couldn’t believe that it was SHINee so I hugged her to calm her down.

I was still inside the stadium until half of ppl inside were out. I didn’t want to rush getting out from the stadium yet. so I didn’t know what happened outdoor the stadium. About the accident and crazy fangirls who they said pushed Jonghyun and pulled Onew’s hair…I didn’t know it until I was in the car leaving the Senayan with my friend. I was so mad because it has to do with Jinki… and something that I was afraid of before indeed happened. How could they pull Jinki’s hair… and all the bad news one by one coming up after Concert. A lot of ppl said that they were the fans who got the outdoor ticket whose did that. First because they really wanted to see SHINee and since watching outdoor couldn’t satisfied them, they tried to stalk their departure from Senayan. They could be fast to catch after SHINee since they were outside the stadium already. But IDK how accurate of this news but these incidents clearly made me down. So I hope next time these kind of things won’t happen again. or else, any Kpop artist won’t visit Indonesia again.

fanaccount by theia

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  1. almost cried while reading your review onnie =___= Imagining I was there T.T
    I was not that lucky because I didn’t get the indoor ticket :((
    so I couldnt scream onew’s name together with you :[
    But I wonder when I saw a group of ppl at tennis indoor, they were distributing wrs banner, and thought that I saw you.. you wore your glasses and your veil’s color was black, rite?? Idk but you seemed really busy with the others…-_-
    u are right onnie, there were toooooo many crazy fans outdoor, and I felt wanna crying.even, I saw clearly when taemin’s shirt was being pulled by those crazey fans =__= lucky me taemin stopped right in front of me, and I saw him clearly too, fixing his shirt =P

    hoaaaa, too much I wrote here hihihi 😀
    I hope SHINee will back to Indonesia next time,and wish I will not get the outdoor ticket anymoreee LOL

    • chocolatheia

       /  October 15, 2010

      yes! it was me who wore the glasses and black veil..keke~ you saw me why you didn’t call me??
      ah, you are so lucky taemin stopped right in front of you, you can see him very very close! oh, is it right that they pulled jinki’s hair?? and how was he when he’s angry?? T__T i feel like i wanna pulled those fangirls’s hair who did that to onew!! ugh! if only i came out earlier, i’d protect my hubby from those scary evil labil girls T_______T

  2. Onew I love you……..!!!!!


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