Onew Solo – Fool

Omg, please someone wake me up. I feel like i’m in heaven. I have no words to say. I’m just speechless. Yes, I don’t know what to say. His voice is killing me. When the piano he plays started, I feel like…Oohh… He made a mistake in one second during the song but who cares ? His voice still great and he play the piano so beautiful…Jinki-ya,, Marry me..please…

Title : 바보 [Babo] – Fool
Singer : Onew (Originally sang by 박효신 ParkHyoShin)
Perf : Chin Chin Radio

credit : YoDubu1/youtube

Download the MP3 file Here : Onew – Fool

Please don’t take the link out, don’t hotlink and please give credit ^^

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