Onew, SHINee, and Super Junior Cute moment @ MuBank Ending Rehearsal

credit: youtube/randy19973

This is so funny and cute with Super Junior, what should i call them ? SuperSHINee ? Hehe..
I like the way Onew runs to Siwon when he got on the stage. And when he dancing in the end..haha, so his condition. he dance along with Kangin LOL…when it turns to Minho, he was like, “what kind of dance i should show you ?” Hahahaha!!
Jonghyun, Key, Heechul imitate the dance (forgot the group’s name LOL) so cutee!! Minho and Eunhyuk bullying each other…WHOA!! I never thought that Minho could be so ‘like that’ LOL

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  1. aInA z

     /  December 26, 2009

    Hey guys,
    i’m your biggest fan..
    your song is very popular in my school..
    I will support you all until the end.. pLeAsE HaVe aN aSiA ToUr aNd cOmE To mAlaysIa.. PlEaSE.. I rEaLlY WaNt tO SeE yOu.. I ReAlLy tO TaLk tO YoU AlL..


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