[NEWS] Onew Recovering Faster Than Expected


It has been announced that SHINee’s leader Onew, who had suffered dental injuries, is recovering more quickly than expected.

SHINee’s management company SM Entertainment said to Star News on the 22nd that “Onew, after his injury, is continuously going to the hospital” and that “Everyone is glad that Onew is recovering much more quickly than expected.”

Still SM Entertainment emphasized “Because (everything) is still shaky, in order to protect Onew’s health, SHINee’s comeback stage is still decided for next week”

Onew, while leaving the practice room on the 19th, fell on the front stairs on the way back to the dorms. SM Entertainment immediately rushed Onew to the hospital, where his primary care physician stated that “While crashing against the stairs, his teeth (incisors) became dislocated, so he will need 1 to 2 weeks of treatment and observation of his recovery.”

Due to Onew’s injury, SHINee’s comeback stage was naturally delayed. Originally it had been planned that SHINee return to music shows on the 22nd on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. However the broadcast for the comeback has been postponed. Additionally, the offline release of the album has also been moved back from the 21st to the 25th.

SHINee has nevertheless released the music video for “Juliette,” the title song for the mini-album on the 22nd.

source: newstar
credit bestiz
credit translation by wowkpop@soompi ^^

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