Listen to The Leader, Guys ^^

Onew said something to all his member and of course when he’s become jinki mode, everybody listen to him ^^

credit : JuZmEsTaR2/youtube

It was in Seoul gayo Daesang before they recieved award for DBSK ^^ … I love the interaction between him and JonHyun Here. It’s like Jonghyun is second leader and always help and listen to him. Care to help him give the opinion and together with Onew, he help Onew to lead all the members also. Jongyu FTW!!! ^^

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  1. Onewife

     /  April 21, 2009

    I thought key was 2nd leader. Because he’s umma and onew is appa of the band ^^

  2. dubulady

     /  April 21, 2009

    i dunno, it’s true that key is umma of the band like everyone else says so but i think the one who help onew to handle all the leader job, jonghyun help the most. Maybe Key is just take care of the member but Jonghyun does help Onew to be the best leader. I’m not saying that Jonghyun could be leader, but since he’s the 2nd eldest on the group, logically…jonghyun must be help onew the most. If onew need someone to talk about his job, Jonghyun can help. they can share their thought about what the best for the group. Jonghyun is the one who can sharing with Onew and good person to start the discussion. And in this part, I think Onew feels comfortable sharing with Jonghyun. that’s why I think Jonghyun and Onew have a deep relationship ^^

  3. tia

     /  April 21, 2009

    well yeah, after watched the fancam it’s clear to see that it looked like Jonghyun paid the attention most to dubu when he talked, and Minho too. we don’t know about Key and Taemin because camera couldn’t catch their face expresion since the camera was on their back..lolz! but I guess they paid the attention too.
    I don’t know If it’s Key or Jonghyun who 2nd leader. I don’t not care too much… as long as Onew is leader, i don’t care who’s 2nd leader. lolz! is that important ? I just know that all the rest of members help each other and not hiding their thought. And not picky to tell to other about what he felt. They are like family anyway…

    @dubulady : Don’t tell that you’re too biased. We deal about the pairing things right ? ^^

  4. dubulady

     /  April 23, 2009

    haha..okay, we keep in deal. no bias here ^^
    we have already bias onew lol


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