Onew Sings Drunken Thruth On His B’day ^^

It was short but It was fascinating. Onew sang a bit of Drunken Thruth for the fans. Unfortunately He didn’t finish the song, hehe.. but it’s good knowing he sings that song. WEll, at first Onew asked about what the thing that make him is became the most searched in cyber wolrd and he said, it was when he sang Drunken thruth in SBS 100 challange. Then the fans asked if he could sing the song again, so yeah…Onew sang it to them. BUt not finished. Haha… his excuse was because he  felt he took the note pitch higher so he thought his voice would sounded crack if he continue it. Oh dubu… I wish you will sing the song again next time ^^

Title : Drunken thruth
Singer : Onew
Perf : On His B’day Party (and Minho’s)

credit : d0ngbangjunior/youtube

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