[Audio/Mp3 Download] Onew Solo Collection Song

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Be Ready : Onew For Singing in The Rain Musical

After 3,5 years later since the last time Onew did Musical, finally Onew  re-enters musical industry as he’s confirmed to play a role in Singing in The Rain Musical on June. This is going to be his 3rd Musical after Hey Bro! (2010) and Rock of Ages (2010). I was actually surprised knowing this news. I always think after Rock Of Ages, Onew probably keep declining Musical offers due to schedule (or probably he realized that Musical gets him exhausted a lot lol). So now, why agreeing to this one?

let’s have a look on the official news about him getting the role in Singing in the rain Musical

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The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.6] ; Jungah – After School

It shouldn’t be the girl but woman. Onew and Jungah, well… i might say almost all MVP wouldn’t agree or approve this pairing. except if the fans like SHINee just as much they as like After School. So why would i post this? many MVP don’t want to talk about this as a form of denial. But I encourage myself to make a post about them because i have my own (bias) reason.

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The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.5] ; Seungyeon – KARA

Hahaha… you might think i want to be killed by fangirls by puting this girl into the list. for most MVP this probably the not so shipped pairing because I myself not really fond with this, say that i actually don’t really like her to be paired with Onew. ( I don’t hate her tho, i think she’s cute and clumsy just like onew) but why i have to make this post about these two? let’s check what we’ve got here..

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The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.4] ; Jessica SNSD

Here it is, the next girl you consider to be paired with Onew. If it’s not because they had official duet ‘One Year Later’ I wouldn’t even think Jessica could be paired with Onew. Yup, It’s Onew and Jessica ^^

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The Girl You Would Ship With Onew [Pt.3] ; Luna F(x)

the blog series about the discussion of the girls you would ship Onew with is eventually continued, eh? hehe~ it passed a year already and i feel like haven’t done a good job by just abandon this talk. Anyway… here’s the 3rd girl we would ship with Onew.

yup, it’s onew and luna!

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[Song] Onew Solo for ‘Miss Korea’ Drama OST

Yay! another solo from Onew! This is the 2nd time Onew singing for Drama OST. the title is ‘Moonlight’ and it’s just another sweet song with onew’s soft voice and beautiful acoustic melody and i bet this gets onew’s fans out there excited, doesn’t it? Anyway, to Support Onew, please download the song on itunes and buy the song legally ^^


buy on itunes here

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[Official Teaser Pictures] SHINee 5th Mini Album ‘Everybody’ with Sexy Blonde Onew

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IT’S SO YELLOW… Look how confidence he is showing off his blonde hair 😀

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